Want to attract the German market? Join the Local Partner Project

 South African travel and tourism businesses, including accommodation, experiences and events, with an interest in attracting the German market are invited to share their product information for possible inclusion in SAT Germany’s Local Partner Project.

The idea is to create a “local partner list” for travel trade partners, so if there is any need, they know where to find contacts and information.

This is done via two platforms:

  • SAT Germany’s trade Facebook group (1200 members)
  • SAT Germany’s trade newsletter – about 720 good industry partners (Tour operators and travel agencies)

Required by South African products:

  • Factsheet
  • A short company introduction (not more than 2 sentences) the best describes the USP of the partner
  • Up to 5 nice images and/or a video (can also be a youtube link) –  moving pictures are always more impressive than static.
  • A direct contact (not info@)
  • All important links: website, FB, IG, youtube
  • Hashtags the partner uses so we can tag them

For more information and to get involved in the local partner project, email: marcel@southafrica.net


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