Update on German travel restrictions due to COVID-19

Germany has taken measures to restrict travel to Germany temporarily.

The restrictive measures were taken against the background of the fourth Corona wave in Germany, which puts a serious strain on German hospitals and ICU’s, and the spread of the new omicron variant in South Africa.

The following information should be noted in this context.

The German national carrier Lufthansa continues to fly to South Africa. German tourists may travel to South Africa and continue to do so.

South Africans may travel to Germany, if they are fully vaccinated and are travelling for specific reasons (e.g. certain skilled workers, students, researchers, scientists, people in professional training, skilled business travellers for the purpose of negotiating, concluding or supervising contracts).

When entering Germany, travellers are subject to quarantine regulations. It should be noted, however, that the quarantine does not have to be spent in a government-assigned facility but can be spent in any suitable establishment, e.g. a hotel.

The restrictive measures remain under constant review. They are to be lifted as soon as conditions allow. Germany is grateful to South Africa for the excellent medical research and the transparency in dealing with the new variant.

Germany remains firmly committed to cooperate closely with South Africa in the joint fight against the pandemic, especially in the areas of vaccine production and extension of hospital bed facilities.

You can find more detailed information on the current travel regulations here: https://southafrica.diplo.de/sa-en/sa-consular/-/2473370


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