New Government rates for travel, accommodation, food and catering

Government has issued four documents on the Policies, procedures and cost containment measures relating to public sector travel and subsistence for government officials and employees

It should be noted that all four of the documents listed below were issued by Treasury and provide for various internal policies and procedures as they apply to travel and subsistence for government officials and employees.

At the same time, these documents will undoubtedly be of interest, for reference purposes, to those FEDHASA members who provide, from time to time, accommodation and or meals to public sector officials and employees. It is worth noting that a number of the policies and procedures are referenced in more than one document.

1] The Public Finance Management Act Supply Chain Management Instruction Number 6 2022/2023

This publication is unlikely to be of interest to FEDHASA members.

This instruction prescribes the National Travel Framework (NTF) for implementation by all public sector accounting officers and accounting authorities.

2] The Public Finance Management Act Supply Chain Management Instruction Number 7 2022/2023

Instruction Number 7 2022/2023 published by Treasury takes effect on the 1st September 2022 and deals with cost containment measures related to travel and subsistence for government officials and employees.

Although the document is addressed to various government accounting officers and certain departmental officials the following sections, dealing with various internal policies and or procedures, may be of interest to FEDHASA members for reference purposes –

Section 2:           Definition of a “traveller”

Section 5.1:        General Principles

Section 5.4:        Accommodation

Section 5.4.10:  Domestic Accommodation

Section 5.6:        Engagement of Travel Management Companies (TMC)

Section 5.8:        Reimbursable Expenses

Section 5.9:        Non-Reimbursable Expenses

3] Annexure A National Travel Framework (7th July 2022)

The National Travel Framework policy document seeks to promote consistent decision making by public sector institutions when facilitating travel, accommodation and related expenditure by “travellers”. It states further that “all government institutions must have an effective, efficient, practical and fit for purpose travel management system that delivers cost effective travel arrangements in support of its mandate”.

Although an internal public sector publication, the following sections dealing with various internal policies and or procedures may be of interest to FEDHASA members for reference purposes –

Section 8:           General Principles – specifically the appointment of travel management companies (TMC)

Section 10:         The role of Travel Management Companies

Section 12.1:      Accommodation – General Principles

Section 12.2.1: Domestic accommodation

Section 12.3:      No-shows and cancellations

Section 12.4:      Additional Expenses

Section 14.2:      Reimbursable expenses

Section 14.3:      Non-reimbursable expenses

Section 14.4:      Domestic trips longer than 24 Hour

Section 14.5:      Domestic Trips Less than 24 Hour

Section 17:         Loyalty Programmes and Upgrades

Annexure A: Maximum Allowable Rates for the Domestic Accommodation and Meals

This key document provides for –

Maximum Allowable Rates for Domestic Accommodation

Table 1 indicates the maximum allowable rates per accommodation type and per star grading of the establishment that may be booked for Travellers on Official Business.

Maximum Allowable Rates for Meal Expenses

Institutions to only reimburse officials for meal expenses within the limits as set out in Table 2.

Receipts of actual expenditure to be provided with the claim in all cases

Additional information concerning –

Domestic Trips Longer than 24 Hours

Domestic Trips Less than 24 Hours

View the documents here


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