Travelwise to Cape Town

FEDHASA recently noted with concern the rise in ATM-related scams in the Cape region. 

​With the festive season in full swing, we cannot allow such incidences to negatively impact on our recovery and growth efforts. FEDHASA, together with government and industry stakeholder had a meeting to discuss collaboration on a plan to mitigate this.

Safety in the Cape Town CBD has been beefed up ahead of the Festive Season, with the Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CCID) upping its security contingent on the ground to prevent petty crime in the city centre.

The CCID’s Safety & Security department has increased the number of safety officers who are deployed in town 24/7 to target opportunistic crime – especially ATM fraud – in the CBD before visitors descend on the Mother City for their year-end holiday. Other petty crimes that will be targeted include chain-snatching, pickpocketing, cell phone theft and theft out of motor vehicles.

Muneeb Hendricks, manager of CCID Safety & Security, says there will be 109 Public Safety Officers (PSOs) deployed per shift at any given time to create a visible safety presence all over town.

 “We have noticed a worrying increase in ATM fraud in the CBD of late, with scammers up to no good on a daily basis, and we are having urgent meetings with all the stakeholders to come up with a plan of action,” Hendricks said.

Read more about the CCID’s efforts here.

In addition, Cape Town Tourism has released its Travelwise campaign to aid in and ensure visitor safety. Please click on the link below to download and share Cape Town Tourism’s Safety and COVID information sheets.



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