Trading Licences for Hotels with Food Outlets

It has come to our attention that a representative of the Business Licence Directorate for the City of Johannesburg has issued contravention notices to a number of hotels that have various food outlets on their premises.

The representative claimed that in terms of the Business Act 71 of 1991, hotels require an individual trading licence for each and every food outlet on the property. 

Please be advised that this is not correct. In fact:

  • An establishment serving food to the public requires a single trading licence, which covers all of the food outlets on the licenced premises.
  • Only if food outlets on the hotel premises are subcontracted or leased out to an independently-run company do the separate entities need to have their own trading licences.

Should you be approached in a similar manner, we advise you to contact Ms Sarlett Blignaut at the Johannesburg Business Licencing Offices on 011 237 8028 or 083 467 5543 for clarification.


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