Tourism safety guidelines for members and guests

FEDHASA wishes to address concerns over recent incidents involving tourists and provide reassurance around visitor safety, which remains our top priority.

The South African Police Service has reported issues with criminals impersonating police officers to target travellers. An intensive effort is underway to apprehend those responsible. We strongly condemn these acts.

New safety initiatives have been implemented in high-traffic tourist areas in collaboration between private and public sector, including:

  • Over 2,300 Tourism Monitors to deter crime and assist visitors
  • Enhanced security like increased police patrols, surveillance cameras, improved lighting
  • Free emergency SECURA app and 24/7 response hotline
  • 300+ Tourism Angels to help affected travellers with counselling, logistics, and other support

Please advise your guests to take extra precautions around law enforcement stops. The following guidelines have been shared by SAPS:

  • Not to stop for unmarked vehicles with blue lights. Proceed to a busy area, such as a petrol station or shopping centre, or proceed to a police station.
  • Not to stop at isolated places to talk or stop your vehicle. Constantly honk your horn to draw attention if you feel endangered.
  • You can request seeing a police officer’s SAPS ID card to confirm their identity if they are not in uniform.

To report concerning incidents, contact the Monitoring Hotline at 083 318 2475. Should you require any additional information, please email


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