StatsSA Tourist Accommodation information for January 2024 together with the Tourism and Migration information for February 2024

StatsSA Tourist Accommodation key finding reports for January 2024

Tourist accommodation – Key findings –

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Key findings: P6410 – Tourist Accommodation January 2024

Measured in nominal terms (current prices), total income for the tourist accommodation industry increased by 13,4% in January 2024 compared with January 2023.

Income from accommodation increased by 14,9% year-on-year in January 2024, the result of a 9,5% increase in the number of stay unit nights sold and a 5,0% increase in the average income per stay unit night sold.

In January 2024, the largest contributors to the 14,9% year-on-year increase in income from accommodation were:

  • hotels (14,9% and contributing 9,3 percentage points); and
  • other accommodation (20,2% and contributing 6,2 percentage points).

Income from accommodation increased by 13,0% in the three months ended January 2024 compared with the three months ended January 2023. The main contributors to this increase were:

  • hotels (14,0% and contributing 9,0 percentage points); and
  • other accommodation (17,1% and contributing 4,9 percentage points).

Seasonally adjusted income from accommodation increased by 1,4% month-on-month in January 2024 following an increase of 2,6% month-on-month in December 2023.

StatsSA Tourism and Migration publication – February 2024

Tourism and Migration Full publication –

Tourism and Migration Key Findings –

Tourism and Migration Key Findings February 2024

In February 2024, 2 397 507 travellers (arrivals, departures, and transits) passed through South Africa’s ports of entry/exit. They comprised 611 457 South African residents and 1 786 050 foreign travellers. Foreign arrivals, 955 283 comprised 26 418 non-visitors and 928 865 visitors. The visitors consisted of 203 191 same-day visitors and 725 674 overnight visitors (tourists). The breakdown of the tourists by region is as follows 209 545 from overseas; 501 743 from SADC countries; 13 502 from ‘other’ African countries and the country of residence of 884 tourists were classified as unspecified.


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