South African Tourism Presents: Join the Sho’t Left Travel Week 2023 Webinar for Local Tourism Businesses

The Great South African Sale IS COMING!

South African Tourism is bringing back Sho’t Left Travel Week, the annual tourism sale that offers South Africans up to 50% off when they book in that week. If you haven’t yet registered to participate, it’s not too late, click here and enjoy the benefits.

The Sho’t Left Travel Week platform, along with extensive marketing, tips, and tools will give you exposure to Mzansi’s travellers, allowing your business to be seen and heard all over the country like never before. 

SAT’s platforms include a partnership webinar that will prepare you on how to maximise your participation through our social, digital and web media ensuring your business gets a wider audience to showcase your deals. If you are a South African business operating in tourism and travel, with great offers for locals, don’t miss out on this opportunity to join the Sho’t Left Travel Week 2023 Webinar.

We have extensive marketing resources that promote your businesses and packages in a strategic way that will attract a larger audience through advertising across Digital, OOH, Print, Radio, and TV and influencer marketing to increase your establishments visibility faster. Get insight into our new Trade Platform, improving your business operations, and social media exposure, with the help of our travel clinic presented by our partners from, Addynamo (Twitter, BlueRobot, Snapchat, Spotify) Indahash (Influencer Marketing) and Mastercard when you attend the webinar. Learn how to get optimal efficiency for your campaign at the webinar.

Sho’t Left Travel Week 2023 Webinar Info Session and Travel Clinic:

Date: Thursday, 13 July 2023

Time: 10am- 12.30pm

Don’t let the opportunity to gain access to great benefits and valuable tools, pass you by. 

Sho’t Left Travel Week Registration – click here

Webinar Info Session Registration – click here

Let’s get South Africans travelling. After all, It’s YOUR country, enjoy it! Cause nothing’s more fun than a Sho’t Left!


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