Rebuilding demand and traveller confidence: Help us with this survey!

To assist in rebuilding demand and traveller confidence, FEDHASA is working with Wesgro, and several other industry associations, to solve the communication challenges the destination is facing and empower the industry with the most up to date, relevant and helpful information for their clients.

As a collective, we will be:

• Developing FAQs based on real-time feedback loops from the industry regarding questions they have been asked
• Focusing on reframing incorrect narratives and messaging in the media which can negatively impact the destination and traveller confidence
• Providing the industry with videos of travellers who have just been to the destination talking about how safe they felt and the world-class regulations
• Distributing a holding statement for the industry to share with clients, ensuring a single strong voice from the destination
• Hosting bi-weekly live FAQ sessions with a panel of informed specialists (themes change as challenges change)
• Tackling any other initiatives the collective feels are relevant
To assist us, we would be grateful to you if you could complete this survey to track trends:

Thank you for your assistance – and we will keep you updated on each of the progress of these projects.


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