Proposed Feral Cat NPO & Hospitality Industry joint initiative

Proposed Feral Cat NPO & Hospitality Industry joint initiative

Humane affordable solutions for feral cats

We all know the problems associated with Feral Cats breeding on your premises and unfortunately, we also know the problem is going to get worse unless we combine resources and cooperate with the tireless volunteers who are burdened with this tiring and emotionally exhausting problem on a daily basis.

There are a number of Voluntary Cat Trapping associations in many parts of the Western Cape whose members work tirelessly trapping/feeding feral and abandoned cats. Most of these groups have arrangements with many of the local vets to have the trapped cats sterilised at discounted rates.

To cut a long story/big problem short – these NPO (non-profit) organisations do not have sufficient volunteers let alone funds to pay the discounted vet fees/petrol/feral food to effectively address this growing problem, so we have come up with a practical solution which involves a proposed joint venture with you, the hospitality industry in the Cape, many of whom have unmanaged feral colonies.

The Trapping Associations in the affected areas will do the trapping and transporting to and from the vets who will charge the discounted rate for the sterilisations. If the cats and kittens are sufficiently tame, they will actively network to find homes for them but if they are deemed too feral, they will be returned to your premises sterilized.

All you have to do is pay for the vet fees which at the discounted rate is +- R300.00 per cat and perhaps some compassion and understanding for the ferals’ plight along with accommodation and even some food and water?

If you have an unmanaged feral cat problem and you are willing to try help in some way, please email me your details and suggestions, and I will put you in touch with the Cat Trapping Association in your area and, hopefully together we can help contain the issue in a mutually beneficial and humane way.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Lori Stringfellow


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