President’s Office releases Country Investment Strategy

The President’s office has just released the “Country Investment Strategy” in terms of the Infrastructure Development Act 23 of 2014 for public comment. 

It is a lengthy (212 pages), complex and comprehensive document and obviously important so far as the country is concerned. Click here to view the strategy.

It has a two page executive summary at the start which assists in explaining the contents.

For example it states – “now more than ever, one of the most important considerations is that of establishing meaningful and effective partnerships for development, between the public and private sectors working in conjunction with the academic community; donor and multilateral organisations; organised labour and local communities. South Africa’s inaugural Country Investment Strategy (CIS) aims to position South Africa as a key preferred African investment destination by attracting and facilitating quality Foreign and Domestic Direct Investment into the country”

The CIS aims to achieve this through: 

(i) catalysing a new investment model to address current under-investment; 

(ii) attracting quality greenfield investments into South Africa;

(iii) identifying high-impact and high-growth industries which will accelerate contributions to GDP; 

(iv) supporting existing industries and developing new industries; 

(v) consolidating and strengthening existing capacity in identified priority sectors through enhancing policy certainty;

(vi) targeting areas of intervention, accompanied by the mobilisation of resources and improved institutional co-ordination.

This document may well be of interest to group companies as it not only sets out the objectives and envisaged rollout of the investment strategy but provides numerous economic and investment tables, indexes, figures, trends and charts which we are sure would be of value.


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