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Sector Targets and Compliance Certificates to retain Government business is going to be the new reality as soon as the 2020 EE Amendment Bill and regulations are enacted. 

As no provision is made for any grace period, designated employers will need to start NOW to approach and implement Employment Equity very differently if they want to avoid losing Government business once Sector Targets become law. 

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein. 

Join leading EE expert, Adv Jan Munnik, in a series of Webinars, starting 11 August 2021, aimed at preparing your organisation for the introduction of Sector Targets.

The focus of the Webinars will be on how employers can approach and implement Employment Equity differently to ensure that they obtain Compliance Certificate and so retain Government Business.

Each of the nine workshops covers a different aspect of Employment Equity.

Sector Target Preparation Webinars August to October 2021

11 August 2021
Sector Target Preparation: The EE Act Amendment Bill and Sector Targets – Where are we in the process? What will employers have to start doing differently? Introduction to other webinars in the series   

18  August 2021
Sector Target Preparation: Properly preparing your Workforce Profile and all other data required for the setting of EE Goals  

25  August  2021
Sector Target Preparation: How to conduct a value-adding Barrier Analysis that is going to accelerate EE transformation in the workplace and advance the achievement of Sector Targets

1 September 2021
Sector Target Preparation: The development of meaningful Affirmative Action (AA) Measures that are going to accelerate EE transformation in the workplace and advance the achievement of Sector Targets

8 September 2021
Sector Target Preparation: How to set achievable EE Numerical Goals and complying with Sector Target Requirements: For small or large organisations with subsidiaries/divisions and regional operations/offices across South Africa

15 September 2021
Sector Target Preparation: Developing a user-friendly and practical EE Plan that eases implementation 

22 September 2021
Sector Target Preparation: Developing the systems and processes necessary for the achievement of Sector Targets or the furnishing of justifiable reasons for non-compliance that will stand up in Court (and should satisfy DoE&L inspectors)

29 September 2021
Sector Target Preparation: How to effectively monitor and evaluate your EE Plan and its implementation so as to advance the achievement of Sector Targets

6 October 2021
Bonus Webinar: Preparing your EEA2 and amended EEA4 Reports

Full details of courses and registration

Each webinar: R 1 250
or get a 30% discount by registering for the series of all eight Sector Target Preparation Webinars (and the bonus EEA2 and EEA4 Webinar) for
R 7 000. 15% Discount for FEDHASA members.

  • Participants are emailed all relevant training materials before and after webinars.
  • Zoom meeting invitations will be sent out before the start of the classes.
  • Breakout rooms are used for the conducting of exercises.
  • Links to recordings of sessions will be sent to participants after each webinar.

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