Post-Event Feedback: FEDHASA Cape Member Event – 2 November 2021

We are excited to give you some feedback from a very successful, COVID-friendly, In-person member event held on Tuesday 2nd November 2021 at Simons Restaurant, Groot Constantia.

FEDHASA Cape Chairperson, Jeremy Clayton, welcomed all members,  guests and industry partners to our first in-person member event of 2021. 

We are pleased to understand that our industry has seen a very healthy pick-up,  especially in the Cape, post removal of S.A. from the Red List and understand that bookings remain very last minute, but very positive. 

It remains a priority that we ensure that the season lasts for as long as possible. To do that we need to continue to use common-sense protocols and FEDHASA will continue to work with industry bodies, as well  as the national Department of Tourism to try and ensure that those protocols balance between operational requirements and the health pandemic.

We also encourage our members and all of S.A. to get vaccinated as a best course of action to ensure that we reduce the spread of the pandemic and get back to normal as fast as possible.

Our Guest Speaker, Monika Iuel, Chief Marketing Officer of Wesgro, brought us an encouraging update of the current industry situation and the next steps in the recovery process – looking forward to the 2021 Season and our private-public sector collaboration to re-unite tourism.

To view the full presentation, please click here.

Discussions at the segment break-away sessions included:


“The Hotels and Small Accommodations segments collaborated to host Elisca Bester of Elisca + Co.

Elisca presented a presentation titled “The Third Space, the use of hotels, particularly common areas post-pandemic.”

This topic has been of interest to hotel owners and managers and Elisca provided insights into how they can tweak their offering to meet the changing demands of their guests. Using several case studies she provided examples on how hotels can work with what they have to create new revenue opportunities. ” 
For more details, please click here.


Daniel Smith leads the Marketplace Engagement for ABALOBI ICT4 Fisheries.  He spoke about the support of small-scale fisherman and local communities.

Loubie Rusch, Owner at Making KOS & Founder of Local  WILD,  spoke about Local foraging and sustainable, indigenous foods – the combination of local seafood and indigenous flora.

The Young Professionals joined the restaurant segment and was encouraged to see how people have come up with new and creative ways of doing things.

Your segment heads, Viwe & Phelokazi are looking forward to growing the Young Professional segment.


Speaker Bruce Wade, Co-owner & Director at EM Solutions and Gallant Accounting, spoke about stories and how to craft your business story – “people don’t buy what you do, people buy why you do it” Simon Sinek

It is so important that you know your story well so that every time you interact with a potential or current client – you are able to articulate your story about your business – you need to come across as authentic, trustworthy and as an expert in your field. Think of an elevator pitch and how important it is to capture your target audience.

We also spoke about the future of business and how experiential living is taking over…what kind of experience are you providing your customers from the moment they engage with your brand till beyond a purchase….. this is where you gain loyal and repeat business.

A Big Thank You also to our special sponsors:

As a proud corporate partner, Agility Hospitality works in close collaboration with FEDHASA to provide tailored, relevant, and affordable health & employee benefit solutions for Hospitality employers that are directly dependent on a healthy, productive workforce for the success of their businesses. 

Agility Hospitality firmly believes that access to appropriate healthcare & wellbeing benefits should be as affordable, as they are Rewarding.

All members on the Agility Rewards Platinum programme therefore get up to R700 cashback rewards for getting their COVID-19 vaccine, in addition to a wide selection of benefits ranging from school fee cashback rewards, to getting 10% discount on all domestic flights! In excess of R40 000 worth of cashback rewards can be earned on an annual basis, a welcome financial incentive during challenging economic times.

For more information on the highly rewarding Hospitality employee benefit solution, please, or get in touch with our team of specialist consultantsat 021 918 6210.


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