Petition: Remove South Africa from the Red List

Travel between South Africa and the UK has been restricted for almost eight months. At present travel between the UK and South Africa is limited to UK citizens, Irish nationals and residents of the UK. These travellers are aslo expected to undergo strict COVID-19 protocols and at great expense to their own pockets.

However, UK citizens are now hoping to petition their government following widespread frustrations with the travel ban imposed on South Africa. The country is currently on the UK’s ‘Red List’, making travel for UK visitors and South Africans hoping to visit the European nation very difficult.

While many countries globally have eased or lifted restrictions on travel to/from South Africa, the UK with regards to their red list policy, is very restrictive and this is resulting in hardship on families, businesses and ecosystems with no scientific justification given.

Forming part of the ‘UK Red List Lobby, Wesgro, in partnership with SATSA, and PR and strategy consultancy, Eterna Partners, have crafted a petition to lobby the UK government.

The petition aimed at removing South Africa from the United Kingdom’s “red list” is gaining momentum with more than 23,000 signatures recorded in 9 days.

The UK government is required to respond to the petition once it received 10,000 signatures and at 100,000 signatures, this petition will be considered for debate in Parliament.

The petition can only be signed by British citizens or UK residents, however FEDHASA members are urged to share the petition with friends, family, clients and colleagues who qualify to sign, in an effort to support the ‘Red List Lobby’.

The access the petition, click here.


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