Participate in the Cape Town Tourism Accommodation Performance Review and Forecast initiative

Over the past nine years, Cape Town Tourism has presented the monthly Accommodation Performance Review and Forecast Report. The Report is distributed to all participating Members and participation is free of charge.

The Report aims to reflect the performance of the accommodation sector within the Cape Town metropole and Cape Winelands areas on a monthly basis and is the culmination of a monthly survey extended to Members who are asked to share actual performance at their respective accommodation establishments in respect of the month just ended as well as forecast their respective accommodation establishments’ performance in terms of likely market demand in the coming two month period. This Report summarizes the outcome of the Survey and, dependent on the number of participants, segments the results by accommodation type, geographic location, and establishment standard which provide for interesting benchmarking opportunities.

FEDHASA Cape Members are invited to participate in the Cape Town Tourism Accommodation Performance Review and Forecast initiative. You can access this month’s (October 2022) survey via this link:

Should you have any questions regarding the Survey and/or Report, you are welcome to contact either Roxanne Lombard, Research Manager at Cape Town Tourism ( ) or Michele de Witt, Director at Horwath HTL (South Africa) ( ). Horwath HTL (South Africa) faciliates the monthly Survey and Report on behalf of Cape Town Tourism.


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