News Cafe continues African expansion

Fournews, the food and beverage holding group, has announced that it will be continuing its expansion into Africa with another five stores to open during the 2015/16 financial year.
News Cafe continues African expansion

News Cafe’s African expansion includes a second store in Harare, Zimbabwe due to open later this year as well as a second and third store planned for Nairobi, with the build shortly to commence in Sarit Centre, for its expected opening in the latter part of October this year. New territories are already in the planning phase with partners confirmed in Uganda and Nigeria.

The first cross-border store opened back in 2003, when Botswana became the first African country, outside of South Africa, to experience the News Cafe vibe. The brand has since enjoyed exponential success, aggressively growing its footprint into the African continent in the last two years.

The brand’s unique offering to the emerging higher LSM consumer in Africa, which is part of the global village of urban trendsetters, satisfies the appetite for premium food and beverage experiences, in comparison to the American and European offerings to which this customer has been exposed.

A natural progression

Ryan Pellatt, Operations Executive of News Cafe, said that expanding into Africa was a natural progression for the brand, which has been operating successfully in the South African market for 20 years, with a thorough understanding of the constantly evolving market and industry.

“Being a proudly African company ourselves, our products are not only well tailored for this market, but our world-class offering is also a unique and premium concept that is well known and trusted by our consumers. This makes our model the perfect fit for our partners, which are business enterprises committed to growing the economy within their respective countries.

“We pride ourselves in forming long-lasting relationships with all our franchisees and suppliers. These relationships are crucial because we rely on our partners to uphold and maintain our brand values and the standards of being a luxury brand. This is the key to our success and continuous growth as a brand,” continued Pellatt.

“Fournews will continue to expand its News Cafe brand within the continent, as well as contribute towards the creation of employment and the growth of the African economy,” concluded Pellatt.

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