Mangaung Municipality Outdoor Advertising By-Law – republished July 2019

The Mangaung Municipality published a set of By-Laws back in 2019 – one of which was the Outdoor Advertising By-Law.

This By-Law was amended, updated and re-published on the 19th July 2019. It is possible that members may not be aware of the application and consent requirements for specified outdoor signs as set out in the By-Law.

We would like to bring to your attention the following key provisions –

2 Definitions

“sign” means –

(a) an advertisement;
(b) an object, structure or device which is in itself an advertisement or which is used to display an advertisement; or
(c) an object, structure or device which is not in itself and advertisement or which is not necessarily or solely used to display an advertisement;

3. Application

1. Subject to section 15, these By-laws apply to the display of any sign on any site in any of the areas of control in the Municipality, including both public property as well as private property on which a sign is displayed which is visible from any public place.

2. This By-Law therefore applies to all areas that fall under the jurisdiction of Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality and is binding on all persons, natural and juristic, to the extent applicable.

10. Specific consent, application, factors which municipality may consider, and renewal

(1) A person who intends to display a permanent or temporary sign on private or municipal land and who needs to obtain the specific consent of the municipality as specified in the Schedule that relates to the sign, must –

(a) complete the necessary application form and comply with all the other requirements and conditions which are specified in the application form;
(b) lodge two copies of the application form with the municipality;

(c) obtain the consent of the municipality before he or she may display or alter the sign;

(d) comply with all the other provisions of these By-laws; and

(e) upon lodging of the form contemplated in paragraph (b) pay all the prescribed fees and charges as determined by the municipality from time to time.

The full By-Law can be viewed by going to (See page 80).


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