KwaZulu-Natal Tourism and Film Authority Act 2024

The attached gazette may be of interest to the KwaZulu-Natal members from an information point of view.

It provides for the closure of the current provincial KwaZuIu-NataI Film Commission and the KwaZuIu-NataI Tourism Authority, the repeal of various tourism and film commission acts and it provides for the establishment of a single entity being the KwaZulu-Natal Tourism and Film Authority.

Both the KwaZuIu-NataI Film Commission and the KwaZuIu-NataI Tourism Authority have been dissolved and the powers, functions and responsibilities transferred to the new entity. In addition the act provides for the establishment, composition and responsibilities of the Board, the funding of the authority and the staffing structures.

Furthermore it sets out the proposed development of a Provincial Tourism and Audio-visual policy, the structures of a Tourism and Audio-visual committee and various functions and policies assigned to municipalities, tourism operators and other tourism and audio-visual stakeholders.


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