Invest in Your Future: Discover Untapped Renewable Energy Opportunities at TIFA 2023

Loadshedding is taking its toll on the hospitality industry in South Africa. It’s frustrating to see tourists impacted because of unreliable electricity, and it’s heart-breaking to see businesses suffer from the financial losses that come with it. It’s time to look to the future and collaborate to find a solution. That’s where the Tourism Investment Forum Africa (TIFA) comes in.

The theme for the forum, “Forging Global Partnerships for Inclusive Local Economic Development Through Sustainable Investment” aligns with the goals of FEDHASA members and tourism players in the hospitality industry.

TIFA 2023, which will be held in Upington, Northern Cape, South Africa, from 7-9 June 2023, is not only an opportunity to showcase investment projects in the tourism industry but also to promote transversal projects in critical sectors such as infrastructure, transport, real estate and the green economy.

The Northern Cape province plays a vital role in alleviating the country’s energy insecurity while providing significant returns for investors. The province is a leader in the renewable energy sector due to its perfect location for solar-energy projects. However, many opportunities still remain untapped. These opportunities will be unveiled and showcased at TIFA 2023.

One of the key areas of focus at TIFA 2023 is the renewable energy sector. As we all know, South Africa is not the only country feeling the pressures of the energy crisis and countries around the world are looking to diversify their energy mix and reduce their dependency on oil and coal. While this has been ongoing for some time, particularly as nations look to decrease their carbon footprint as required by global climate change agreements, the war between Russia and the Ukraine more recently, has emphasised that this is key to being able to ensure continuity of the economy as well as maintaining the living conditions of citizens.

With a jam-packed schedule of keynote speeches, panel sessions, and investment opportunities presentations, delegates will gain valuable insights into the latest global trade and tourism investment trends and discover how to optimise green economy investment opportunities through enhanced ESG performance.

FEDHASA Cape Chair, Lee-Anne Singer will take part in a panel discussion, themed: “Investment in hospitality ventures across the continent,” which will unpack partnerships as a catalyst for sustainable investment in the hospitality sector across the continent.

The first day starts with a keynote address on leveraging the Africa Continental Free Trade Area for economic growth and development, followed by presentations on global trade and tourism investment trends, ease of doing business, and innovative financing mechanisms. The second day covers topics such as connectivity and mobility opportunities; investment in hospitality ventures, technology and innovation in the travel and tourism sector; building industry resilience; and strategic investments in meetings facilities and services.

By facilitating meaningful business-to-business and business-to-government exchanges, TIFA 2023 aims to promote trade, investment and finance solutions. Attending TIFA 2023 is an investment in the future of the tourism industry and your own business. The event offers a chance to find solutions, forge global partnerships, and create sustainable economic job opportunities. What’s more, the theme of the forum, “Forging Global Partnerships for Inclusive Local Economic Development Through Sustainable Investment” aligns with the goals of FEDHASA members and tourism players in the hospitality industry.

The Tourism Investment Forum Africa 2023 is an event that should not be missed. Sign up now and take advantage of this global platform for local action.

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