ILS is a Management Consultancy specialising in Employment Relations Consulting & Training. They have been consulting to the Hospitality Industry and has been a trusted partner to FEDHASA for over 30 years and are extremely well versed in the exigencies of our industry. ILS also advises our FEDHASA Head Office on dealing with matters of national Employment Relations concerns such as labour law legislation changes and challenges, as well representing FEDHASA in presentations to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee when relevant.

ILS provides a service to their retainer clients, which include with free telephonic advice, a ringfenced number of free hours per year, as well as preferential reduced hourly rates and training programme rates.

Whilst ILS cannot offer FEDHASA members preferential rates on their consulting services, they can however assist any client at their ad hoc hourly retainer rate.

For FEDHASSA members they can also offer the following preferential rates


ILS can give FEDHASA members who are not on retainer with them, 10% off on the ILS non-retainer rate for any participant placed on the training programme.

Policy and Procedure Manual

ILS give their retainer clients a Policy and Procedure manual at a preferential retainer rate. They are however be prepared to give it to FEDHASA members at a 10% discount on the ILS non-retainer rate.

The ILS products include:

ProgrammeNutshellFrequency*Link for content and dates
High Performance People (HPP) (2 days)Managing Misconduct and Poor performance at the workplace (Disciplinary processes)This programme runs every month at the ILS Office in Gardens Cape Town  
Employment Relations – Nuts & Bolts (1 day)A selection of various contentious Employment Relations items and case law at the timeThis programme runs twice per year at the ILS Office in Gardens Cape Town  
Conciliation & Arbitration   (Conciliation -1 Day) (Arbitration – 2 days)Preparing & Representing at the CCMA during Conciliation & ArbitrationThese programmes run twice per year at the ILS Office in Gardens Cape Town    
Building Collective Relationships (BCR)Managing relationships with the unionThis programme runs twice per year at the ILS Office in Gardens Cape Town  
Employment Equity Training – ProjectThis entails the design, implementation and evaluation of employment equity interventions.  
Policies, Procedures and Contracts of Employment ManualThis manual includes all Employment Relations Related Policies and Procedures (Disciplinary Procedures and proforma, Disc Code etc as well as contracts of employment  

* These programmes can also be presented internally at your business, provided there is a minimum of ten (10) participants.

Please check the website links and Contact Merle Hermans on 021 462 3939, or mail her on to get more detail regarding the timing, content and costing of the respective programmes.


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