Hazyview’s Numbi celebrates 60 years

The renowned Hotel Numbi in Hazyview, Mpumalanga, celebrated its 60th year in business on the 10th of October 2023. Today, under the umbrella of the Hazyview Hospitality Group, it comprises the Hotel Numbi and Garden Suites, Little Pilgrims Boutique Hotel, Woodlands Guest House, Pioneers Butcher Grill, Topolinos Italian Restaurant, and Regional Tourism Consultants. The group reflects on a long history marked by growth and a strong reputation for service excellence.

The Fick family, who acquired the Hazyview Motel in 1963, expanded their presence in the hospitality industry with the opening of the hotel complex in 1968. During that year, it was rebranded as the Hotel Numbi & Garden Suites.

Willem Fick, Group Chairman, shared his personal journey within the hotel, from childhood involvement to studying hotel management and eventually dedicating his entire career to the industry. He emphasised the importance of delivering perfection, passion, enthusiasm, and consistency in hospitality, values instilled in him by industry veteran Erwin Winkler. He recalled that in 1968, the Numbi was among the first hotels to be graded, receiving a two-star rating. In 1978, it upgraded to a three-star status, earning recognition as an ‘international’ hotel, which granted it the privilege to welcome guests of all races.

The name “Numbi,” believed to mean ‘meeting or place of gathering’ in Shangaan, aptly describes the establishment, which has hosted numerous international and domestic tourists, as well as countless special events and functions.

Fick highlighted the Numbi’s long-standing tradition of hosting events such as motorcycle, classic car, golf, and light aircraft rallies, endeared to passionate enthusiasts. The hotel remains a preferred choice for “petrolheads” in the region. 

Throughout its history, the Numbi has also been a reliable source of employment for the local community, with a significant number of second-generation staff members. The hotel has maintained excellent staff relations, as evidenced by its full payment of staff retirement fund benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic, with no staff layoffs.

Willem Fick, despite his considerable achievements, remains humble about his accomplishments and has received national and international hospitality awards.

While several members of the Fick family have contributed to the Numbi’s success over the past six decades, the core management team today comprises Willem, Edna, Denee, and Laureen Fick. The hotel proudly upholds the slogan “Family owned, family run,” a rare distinction in the South African hospitality industry.

The Hotel Numbi and Garden Suites, along with other establishments in the HHG group, are situated in Hazyview, less than 10 minutes from the Kruger National Park. The group offers a diverse range of accommodation options suitable for all budgets and a variety of dining choices in their restaurants. The conference facilities can accommodate up to 150 delegates, and the cocktail bars at the properties have consistently delivered memorable experiences.

For more information, visit Hotel Numbi’s website here.


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