FEDHASA & SAA taking flying to new heights

South African Airways (SAA) and Federated Hospitality Association of Southern Africa (FEDHASA) have extended their corporate partnership agreement in the form of a ‘Corporate Loyalty Program’ which will present enormous benefits to FEDHASA and its members.

We are happy to announce that SAA would like to offer a corporate deal to the FEDHASA group including all its members nationwide. The SAA revised and generous incentive structure will entitle FEDHASA members to upfront discounts that complement its popular Voyager program. This generous incentive structure incorporates various classes of travel that caters for last minute bookings travel. SAA has offered up to 8% upfront discounts on specific routes that they operate in.

The benefits include:

What do you, as a FEDHASA member, have to do?

Discounts will be calculated and applied immediately.

CONTACTS: SAA City Ticketing Offices (CTO):

Cape Town: Durban: Gauteng:
Janine Erfort

Team Leader

Leesh Lobo

Team Leader

Ricardo Ahkee

Team Leader

Tel.: +27 21 936 1143 Tel: +27 32 185 2174 Tel: +27 11 978 1929
Email: janineerfort@flysaa.com Email: LeeshLobo@flysaa.com Email: RicardoAhkee@flysaa.com

FEDHASA is proud to be able to offer this program to its members, in association with our national carrier, SAA. We trust that you, our member, will make use of this special arrangement and record the monetary benefit while flying SAA.