FEDHASA Media coverage to “encourage” Government to facilitate changes necessary for the industry

Besides being in direct contact with Government – media coverage helps bolter the message for the changes our industry needs in order to survive and then thrive

Please see FEDHASA’s media coverage this past month, where through the media we try to get the message across to Government regarding the necessary changes our industry needs.  FEDHASA is also in direct contact with Government regarding the issues – however simultaneously receiving media coverage appears to assist in getting our message across more thoroughly.

Fedhasa enthused by health department’s call for proposals to open tourism sector https://www.engineeringnews.co.za/article/fedhasa-enthused-by-health-departments-call-for-proposals-top-open-tourism-sector-2022-03-04/rep_id:4136

SA hospitality welcomes proposal for amendments to PCR test travel requirements https://www.bizcommunity.com/Article/196/747/225691.html

Press Release: FEDHASA – PCR TEST REMOVAL FOR INBOUND TRAVELLERS WOULD BE A MAJOR BOOST FOR SA’S HOSPITALITY SECTOR  https://media.bigambitions.co.za/press_release/pcr-test-removal-for-inbound-travellers-would-be-a-major-boost-for-sas-hospitality-sector-fedhasa/

Toerisme hoop verpligte Covid-toetse vir reisigers waai https://www.netwerk24.com/netwerk24/sake/ekonomie/toerisme-hoop-verpligte-covid-toetse-vir-reisigers-waai-20220304

Will NCCC scrap PCR for vaxxed pax? https://www.tourismupdate.co.za/article/will-nccc-scrap-pcr-vaxxed-pax

Tourism industry urges govt to remove PCR test requirement for vaccinated travellers https://www.citizen.co.za/news/covid-19/3041459/tourism-industry-pcr-test-vaccinated-travellers-5-march-20/

SA hospitality welcomes proposal for amendments to PCR test travel requirements https://www.zawya.com/en/business/hospitality/sa-hospitality-welcomes-proposal-for-amendments-to-pcr-test-travel-requirements-dwi2g1oi

Could the Removal of PCR Tests Improve Inbound Travel? https://gallivant.africa/2022/03/07/could-the-removal-of-pcr-tests-improve-inbound-travel/

Tourism Industry Wants PCR Test Removed For Inbound Travellers To Boost Hospitality Sector https://iafrica.com/tourism-industry-wants-pcr-test-removed-for-inbound-travellers-to-boost-hospitality-sector/

RE Russia and knock on affect to SA Tourism Geen Russe mag saam met dié toeroperateur reis nie https://www.netwerk24.com/netwerk24/sake/maatskappye/geen-russe-mag-saam-met-die-toeroperateur-reis-nie-20220311

Western Cape Premier Alan Winde condemns the extension of the National State of Disaster https://youtu.be/6TPNj3EnJf0

Western Cape Premier Alan Winde condemns the extension of the National State of Disaster & Rosemary Anderson, Fedhasa https://youtu.be/6TPNj3EnJf0

FEDHASA ‘Dismayed’ by draft health regulations Press Release – FEDHASA ‘Dismayed’ by draft health regulations https://media.bigambitions.co.za/press_release/fedhasa-dismayed-by-draft-health-regulations-out-for-comment-weve-gone-backwards/ Draft health regulations a step backwards for hospitality industry, says Fedhasa https://www.engineeringnews.co.za/article/draft-health-regulations-a-step-backwards-for-hospitality-industry-saysfedhasa-2022-03-18

‘Unnecessary obstacles to tourism’ in draft health regulations https://www.tourismupdate.co.za/article/unnecessary-obstacles-tourism-draft-health-regulations

It’s like we’ve gone backwards – FEDHASA https://www.travelnews.co.za/article/its-weve-gone-backwards-fedhasa

Toerisme verheug oor skrap van PKR-toetse https://www.netwerk24.com/netwerk24/sake/ekonomie/toerisme-verheug-oor-skrap-van-pkr-toetse-20220322

PCR tests scrapped for vaxxed pax: ‘We did it!’ https://www.travelnews.co.za/article/pcr-tests-scrapped-vaxxed-pax-we-did-it

PCR tests scrapped for vaxxed pax: ‘We did it!’ https://www.tourismupdate.co.za/article/pcr-tests-scrapped-vaxxed-pax-we-did-it

Removal of PCR test for vaxxed travellers to hopefully boost SA tourism: Fedhasa https://www.capetalk.co.za/articles/441494/fedhasa-hopes-removal-of-pcr-test-requirement-for-vaxxed-travellers-will-boost-tourism

Travel industry welcomes removal of PCR test requirements at South Africa’s borders https://www.engineeringnews.co.za/article/travel-industry-welcomes-removal-of-pcr-test-requirements-at-south-africas-borders-2022-03-23

Tourism minister welcomes scrapping of PCR tests for travellers visiting SA https://www.heraldlive.co.za/news/2022-03-23-tourism-minister-welcomes-scrapping-of-pcr-tests-for-travellers-visiting-sa/

Breaking News: SA drops PCRs! https://www.travelnews.co.za/article/breaking-news-sa-drops-pcrs New regs a ‘game-changer’ for economic recovery https://www.tourismupdate.co.za/article/new-regs-game-changer-economic-recovery

PCR Test Removal For Inbound Travellers A Major Boost For SA’s Hospitality Sector – FEDHASA https://www.nomadafricamag.com/pcr-test-removal-for-inbound-travellers-a-major-boost-for-sas-hospitality-sector-fedhasa/

Tourism sector ‘thrilled’ at scrapping of PCR tests for jabbed tourists https://www.jacarandafm.com/news/news/tourism-sector-thrilled-scrapping-pcr-tests-jabbed-tourists/ Scrapping of PCR tests vital to boost the battered tourism sector  https://www.mcn24.net/news/scrapping-of-pcr-tests-vital-to-boost-the-battered-tourism-sector?uid=235156

COVID-19: Scrapping of PCR tests vital to boost the battered tourism sector  https://news365.co.za/tourism-sector-2/

New regs a ‘game-changer’ https://www.travelnews.co.za/article/new-regs-game-changer

Scrapping of PCR tests vital to boost the battered tourism sector https://www.citizen.co.za/news/south-africa/3056513/scrapping-of-pcr-tests-to-boost-tourism-sector/

Press Release – ‘inconvenient’ PCR testing for children between 5 &12 years https://media.bigambitions.co.za/press_release/fedhasa-flags-inconvenient-pcr-test-requirement-for-children-aged-between-5-and-12-as-hindering-inbound-family-tourism-in-sa/


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