FEDHASA Cape 2021 AGM Post-Event Comms

A year since our FEDHASA Cape AGM and we believe we’re closer to the end of this crisis than the beginning. 

We are encouraged by the positive developments we’re seeing such as several airlines returning to Cape Town International, the removal of travel bans against SA by France, Germany and Austria, and hotels and lodges reporting that guests are booking and arriving. 

Although there are many silver linings it is unlikely to be the season we had hoped for. There certainly is positive sentiment however with bookings starting to pick up and with the vaccination program now established we hope to see the continuation of domestic travel for the coming season supported by some international leisure.

Closer to home, FEDHASA Cape has been hard at work to fulfil the priorities we identified within our three key principles:

  • To evolve FEDHASA into a modernised industry leader (Voice) who are solution focused on the inclusive & sustainable expansion of Tourism in the Cape  
  • Reignite the brand through embracing change and creating a highly efficient association that hospitality is proud to call “their own” 
  • Create a high-quality product that delivers real ROI to members allowing for significant y-o-y membership growth 

Among the many highlights in this regard last year are:

  • Our lobby for rate relief from the City of Cape Town, bringing an estimated R150 million to member hotels
  • Our partnership with the Sukuma Fund to facilitate financial support for the restaurant industry up to the value of R100 million
  • Our Multichoice partnership which delivered an estimated R50 million savings to members
  • Our successful court action against the Department of Labour to counter the Bargaining Council for the Fast Food, Restaurant and Catering Trades being extended to non-parties.
  • The extensive media commentary where over 451 mentions were published with an AVE  of over R19.8 million for FEDHASA in the past year. 

More so than ever before, our federated structure was enhanced by the work done by the region at a national level to solve national issues. 

I also wish to thank my colleagues on the FEDHASA Cape board and the FEDHASA Cape Team at the Office, including Lindsay and Ernestine and led by Rema Wiese, for their tireless efforts over the past year and for the outgoing Board members for your efforts –  thank you Richard Noli & Ainsley.

Thank you also to all our members for keeping the faith and placing their trust in us to keep the spotlight on hospitality and what it needs to thrive. It has been an absolute pleasure to serve our industry with this talented and dedicated team this past year and our industry and the FEDHASA Regional Chairs and our JAMMS & industry partners.

Welcome to the new Board. I look forward to working with you towards our new gold for 20201”:  “Creating the next normal through Resilience, Partnerships & Collaborations.”

Jeremy Clayton

FEDHASA Cape Chair

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