eThekwini Municipality Food and Health By-Laws 2022

FEDHASA has secured copies of the eThekwini Municipality Food, Milk & Milk Products By-law and the Public Health By-law 2022.

While several provisions within these by-laws resemble those outlined in national regulations governing general hygiene standards for food premises and the transportation of food, as well as the city’s nuisance By-Law, members are advised to thoroughly review the provisions.

eThekwini Municipality: Food, Milk and Milk Products By-law 2022 (pages 36 to 90)
This By-law applies to all regions under the Municipality’s jurisdiction and should be read in conjunction with the Regulations Regulating General Hygiene Requirements for Food Premises and the Transport of Food.

  • Chapters 1 to 3 define terms, lay out objectives, and specify the scope of the By-Law.
  • Chapter 4 addresses matters including the inspection and examination of food and food premises, the sale, supply, handling, conveyance, and transportation of food, as well as requirements for personnel protective clothing.
  • Chapter 5 pertains to milk producers, milk processors, or milk dealers.
  • Chapters 6 to 8 encompass enforcement, offences, appeals, and exemptions.
    The By-Law comes into effect six months from the publication date, which was 20th July 2023.

eThekwini Municipality: Municipal Public Health By-law 2022 (pages 91 to 120)
This By-law applies to all areas within the Municipality’s jurisdiction.

  • Chapters 1 to 3 define terms, establish objectives, and outline the applicability of the By-Law.
  • Chapter 4 addresses various health nuisances, covering aspects such as cleanliness, flooring, ventilation, lighting, and overcrowding.
  • Chapter 5 is dedicated to regulations concerning swimming pool facilities.
  • Chapters 6 to 10 encompass regulations for barbers, hairdressers, beauticians, body piercers, tattooists, dry-cleaning and laundry businesses, enforcement, offences, and appeals.
    The By-Law takes effect six months from the publication date, which was 20th July 2023.

FEDHASA encourages all members to familiarize themselves with these by-laws.

View the document below:


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