Draft Amendment to the 2014 Immigration Regulations published for comment

The Department of Home Affairs has published a draft First Amendment of the Immigration Regulations 2014 for public comment.

The draft provides for the definition of “Unabridged Birth Certificate” and amendments to the following sections of the 2014 Regulations –

Section 3 – “Permanent homosexual or heterosexual relationship”

Section 6 – “Admission and Departure”

Sub section (12)(a) Visa required country – parents travelling with a child

Sub section (12)(b) Visa exempt country – parents travelling with a child

Sub section (12)(c) person travelling with a child who is not his or her biological child

Sub section (12)(d) unaccompanied minor

Section 11 – Visitor’s visa

Section 14 – Business visa

Section 18 – Work visa

Section 20 – Corporate visa

Section 24 – Residence on other grounds

Amendments to various forms

Written submission, addressed to the Chief Director: Legal Services, should be forwarded to the Department of Home Affairs on or before 14 October 2016.


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