Did you know? You have to declare UIF for each employee on a monthly basis

FEDHASA would like to draw members’ attention to a requirement by UIF to declare UIF for each employee on a monthly basis.

The declaration is made through the UIF’s Ufiling system: www.ufiling.labour.gov.za

Steps to follow: 

  • Register your company by completing all the required details. All employees working or who have worked for the company will be listed under the option “declaration manager”. 
  • The UIF will now require the information for the last five for each employee. 
  • The next step is to log in, click on declaration manager, and choose your company name. Next to each employee, there will be an option to edit information. 
  • Under the edit option, choose the first month of your financial year, put the gross salary amount, and then the UIF portion that was deducted from that employee’s salary and save. You are required to do this for each month for each financial year. If the employee left the company with n those 5 years, there is an option to terminate them. You choose the date and reason.
  • After adding each month, you submit.

By doing this, the Labour department can allocate the total amount that gets paid over by the company every month to each employee with their portion.

Once you have done this – going forward, you will do it immediately after paying the last week/month of wages.

  • On most payroll systems there is an option “UIF declarations”.
  • You do a “live report” and it will email it directly to the Labour department and they will do the declarations on their side but on your company’s profile.  
  • When you log in again on Ufiling, the information will show. Alternatively,  you can do it yourself on Ufiling following the same steps as above although it is time-consuming especially when you have a lot of employees. But you have two options.


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