Concerned you have to attend  a CCMA hearing without legal representation?

As we all know – companies are not allowed to bring in a lawyer/legal representation into CCMA hearings without the prior permission of the Commissioner (and the Commissioner might refuse your request to have representation or the employee might object to you having representation), however, because FEDHASA is a registered Employers Organisation, you are automatically allowed to bring in a “FEDHASA Office Bearer”. 

This Office Bearer (labour practitioner or lawyer) is a member and Office Bearer of FEDHASA and will not charge you for the CCMA hearing/meeting itself, but someone who you use to generally provide you with labour services.  If you would like the name of one of the FEDHASA Office Bearers please just contact you FEDHASA office closest to you.

This mechanism via an Employers Organisation – is the one way you can be assured of having representation at a hearing.

This is a unique service – due to the fact that FEDHASA is registered as an Employers Organisation besides an Association.  One of the many benefits of being a FEDHASA member!


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