Code of Practice: Managing exposure to SARS-COV-2 in the Workplace 2022 – published 24 June 2022

The Minister of Employment and Labour has re-published the “Code of Practice: Managing exposure to SARS-COV-2 in the Workplace 2022”. This code is exactly the same as the one gazetted on the 15th February 2022 and published on the 15th March 2022.

The original publication was documented in the FEDHASA weekly news roundup dated 18th March 2022.

The re-published code states that “for the sake of clarity, it is recorded that the Notice published in GN 1876 on 15 February 2022 in GG 46043 was made in error and is liable to be set aside. An application has been filed in the High Court to have it declared invalid”

It would appear therefore that the original document was invalid at the time of publication.

The code of practice applies to most workplaces across South Africa however “subject to the employer’s obligations under the OHSA to conduct a risk assessment, employers with less than 20 employees need only apply the measures set out in section 13” which provides specifically for small businesses

The code of practice provides for the following –

1. Introduction

2. Purpose

3. Interpretation

4. Application

5. Risk assessment and plan

6. Contents of risk assessment and plan

7. Notification of workers

8. Symptom reporting by workers

9. Isolation of workers

10. Ventilation

11. Specific personal protective equipment

12. Vaccination of employees

13. Small businesses

14. Worker obligations

15. Refusal to work

16. No deduction from employee’s remuneration

17. Monitoring and enforcing this Code

18. Limited application to mines, mining areas and works

19. Amendment of footnotes

To view the re-published Code, click below:


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