Clarification of alcohol sales and serving times

FEDHASA has received reports from some restaurants that they are being pressured by patrons to serve alcohol longer than either the law allows or longer than they are able to, to simultaneously provide for daily clean-up and getting their staff home before the 22h00 curfew.

Adjusted Alert Level 3, effective 26 July 2021:

Under the current Adjusted Alert Level 3, which took effect on 26 July 2021, the published Gazette stipulates that alcohol sales at on-site consumption venues (restaurants, bars, taverns etc) are limited up until 20h00, as per licensed conditions.


As the current regulations stand:-

  • Curfew starts at 22h00
  • Restaurants have to close by 21h00
  • Alcohol can be sold from 10h00 to 20h00.

“Nowhere in the regulation provisions, does it mention what happens between 20h00 and 20h59, as such this would infer that patrons can sit and finish their food and drinks until 20h59 as long as alcohol is not sold or served after 20h00,” says Rosemary Anderson, FEDHASA National Chairperson.

So all orders for alcohol would have to be made and served before 20h00.

Anderson adds that the above also needs to be read in conjunction with every restaurant and establishment’s own rules as to when they decide to close their own kitchens or bars. 

“If a restaurant’s own rules are that they stop selling food and/or alcohol at a time before 20h00, or want to close the restaurant earlier than 21h00, in order to facilitate that they can clean up and get their staff home in time for the curfew, then this should also be respected by patrons and pressure should not be put on establishments to alter their opening and serving times.”

“Both restaurants and patrons are all living through very stressful times, and it is hoped that this could be taken into consideration by all and with that spirit, more than ever now – now is the time to be kind and sensitive to others’ reality and circumstances,” concludes Anderson.


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