FEDHASA welcomes President’s address

As FEDHASA, we are absolutely thrilled with President Ramaphosa’s address this evening. We are on the same lines with him on the fact that we have to live with COVID and not let it ruin our economy, our lives, and our livelihoods. We really applaud him for the stance. We hope that all South Africans […]

UK law will recognize sentience in animals including lobster, octopus

Octopuses, crabs, and lobsters are sentient and can feel pain and distress, British lawmakers have decided, in an update to a bill that could offer the creatures greater welfare protection. The Animal Welfare Sentience Bill, which is currently making its way through Parliament, seeks to lawfully recognize the ability of certain animals to experience acute […]

Appeal from the Hospitality Industry for relief or the partial relief from the payment of Liquor License Fees and annual renewals

FEDHASA, the Federated Hospitality Association of Southern Africa, represents the interests of the accommodation and catering/restaurant sectors of the hospitality industry. FEDHASA   is recognised by Government and industry role players as the hospitality industries representative body and voice. As an Officer of FEDHASA, I am hereby submitting this appeal on behalf of our members for […]

Webinar: Dealing with UIF TERS travel, tourism and hospitality industry enquiries – additional resources

If you missed the UIF TERS Sector Appeal Applications webinar on 13 October 2021, or if you would like to listen to it again, you can view it by clicking here. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: Appeals Guide, please click here Follow the Hettie Fourie and Geroldine Pretorius Facebook Support Group here Email Hettie Fourie (mailto: hettiefourie69@gmail.com) and Geroldine Pretorius (mailto: geroldine08@gmail.com) TERS Refund Template click […]

Public Hearings – travel and accommodation – Competition Commission, Online Intermediation Platform Market Inquiry

aerial photo of buildings during dusk

The Competition Commission of South Africa has launched an Online Intermediation Platform Market Inquiry into digital platforms operating in South Africa. The Inquiry scope covers all online intermediation platforms that facilitate transactions between businesses and consumers for the sale of goods, services, and software. This includes sales concluded on the platform or the generation of […]

Encouraging signs of global recovery in hospitality sector, but SA lags

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“Stay open if you can because you’ll recover faster” is the advice given at the FEDHASA Inland AGM to hospitality providers which have endured massive losses as a result of COVID, says Robin Rossmann, Managing Director at STR, providing data-driven solutions for hospitality businesses. His advice comes as the latest insolvency stats in South Africa […]

Cockroaches and the effects they can have on your health

Did you know: – The name Cockroach comes from the Spanish term Cucaracha (deriving from the Latin ‘blatta’), which means “an insect that shines the light’. We find this strange because cockroaches usually hide from light! – Cockroach fossils have been found dating back more than 200 million years! – Cockroaches are CANNIBALISTIC! Yes, you […]