Unlocking Revenue Potential: Dynamic Pricing Strategies for South African Hotels

In the vibrant hospitality industry of South Africa, where every guest’s experience is as diverse as the country’s landscapes, hotels face the perpetual challenge of optimizing revenue. Dynamic pricing emerges as a powerful tool, enabling hotels to adapt their rates according to various factors such as demand, seasonality, and local events.  In this article, we’ll […]


ILS is a Management Consultancy specialising in Employment Relations Consulting & Training. They have been consulting to the Hospitality Industry and has been a trusted partner to FEDHASA for over 30 years and are extremely well versed in the exigencies of our industry. ILS also advises our FEDHASA Head Office on dealing with matters of […]

FEDHASA urges Government to ‘keep momentum’ on remote worker visa

The Federated Hospitality Association of South Africa (FEDHASA) is calling on the government to maintain momentum following the announcement of new amended immigration regulations, including provisions for a remote worker visa. This long-awaited development promises to significantly enhance South Africa’s tourism value proposition and boost economic growth. FEDHASA National Chairperson Rosemary Anderson expressed optimism about […]

The ideal poster sign for your establishment

Looking for the ideal poster sign for your establishment? Look no further…. 1)  Poster signs double side. 2)  Complete with 2x 0,3 x 900x600m ABS. 3)  Printed and laminated with (3-year light fast vinyl) 4)  Filled with water does not blow over. 5)  Still in good shape after 3 years. 6)  Has wheels. 7)  Supplied packed flat. Can be viewed at SAVIOR café brand […]

StatsSA releases April 2023 tourism stats

In April 2023, 2 676 540 travellers (arrivals, departures, and transits) passed through South Africa’s ports of entry/exit. They were made up of 783 239 South African residents and 1 893 301 foreign travellers. Foreign arrivals, 979 032 were made up of 33 104 non-visitors and 945 928 visitors. The visitors consisted of 232 458 […]

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Cheaper? Don’t Discount Yourself to Destruction!

South African restaurants are caught in a perilous position in the fiercely competitive food and beverage industry. Facing constant pressure from customers to reduce prices and offer more specials or deals, they are simultaneously wrestling with escalating input costs and overheads. This precarious balancing act often seems to favour discounting as the way to stay […]

Reminder: the SARS Employment Tax Incentive is valid through to 28th February 2029

The Employment Tax Incentive [ETI] Act was signed into law and took effect on 1 January 2014 and will end on 28 February 2029. The incentive, which is aimed at encouraging employers to hire young and less experienced work seekers, sets out to apportion the cost of employment between government and employers by decreasing the amount […]

Africa’s hotel and hospitality sector set to flourish

The hotel and hospitality sector continues to show signs of resilience and growth, with positive prospects ahead. According to the 2023 Hotel and Hospitality Industry Confidence Index, participants across the continent are optimistic about the future of the industry. Projections from Statista support this perception and confirm a projected Average Annual Growth Rate of 8.68% […]

GuestRevu joins FEDHASA, strengthening its commitment to the hospitality industry

GuestRevu, the leading provider of guest feedback and online reputation management solutions for the hospitality industry, is proud to announce that it has joined FEDHASA. This membership further underpins GuestRevu’s dedication to supporting and contributing to the growth and success of the hospitality industry in South Africa and beyond. FEDHASA is a highly respected industry association […]