Business Interruption Insurance: When a whisper won’t do, join a Twitterstorm


Fedhasa has been very vocal in its condemnation of the delay tactics used by Insurers not to pay viable business interruption claims.

On Monday we take this up a notch as national chairperson, Rosemary Anderson, joins a virtual press conference hosted by ICA to highlight to journalists the plight of the hospitality sector and the impact of Insurers failing to do right by their hospitality clients by paying out business insurance interruption claims.

Here’s where you come in – you can add your voice to the mix, by joining the simultaneous Twitterstorm we’re hosting.

When: 14 December from 11h00 to 12h00

Hashtag: #InsurersFailTourism

How do I get involved?

  1. Set up your Twitter handle or find your lost password and start flexing your Twitter muscles.
  2. Download this Twitter cheat sheet, copy the tweets and post them throughout the Twitterstorm
  3. Create your own tweets and tweet them from your Twitter handle(s) throughout the Twitterstorm (don’t forget to include the hashtag #InsurersFailTourism)
  4. Include the insurers’ handle in your tweets (see the tweet sheet)
  5. Retweet any tweets you come across with the above hashtag throughout the Twitterstorm

Collectively, we need to bring our voice to bear. For us to trend, we need to shout as a Hospitality Tribe together, so we ask you to get behind us for 1 hour on Monday.


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