Back the youth

Green Guerrillas through the non-for-profit Compost For Life is on a drive for clearance for its spekbooms stock on our property to raise funds for the youth at Fish Hoek and Muizenberg High that has gone through our 6-month part-time course to create job opportunities for the during the holiday, the students will be paid for their work.

For R1200 you will receive 20 x 2-year-old spekbooms that you can gift to your staff or pay forward for students to plant at your choice of school, old age home, etc for an additional cost of R800.

All the sizes of trees, planting costs, and options are attached, and we are hoping for your support, we will feature the company logo on social media, printed press, and our website soon to be active.  

Below find the details of the spekbooms to back the youth, as a NPC Green Guerillas need backing through funding from local and national companies and the goal for 2023 is to set up food production in the valley that will bring greens and nutrient-dense food into its local NPO feeding schemes as the deficiency of enzymes, minerals and micronutrients are at a shocking level in our country from all walks of life-the hidden hunger are real!

They are doing a progressive fundraiser to create work opportunities for the students from intake 2022 that qualified in November this year, they will beautify our community by nurturing the trees planted at Fish Hoek and Muizenberg High (March 2022 see attached newspaper clips) and tend, add greenery and food at the circle at 10’th Avenue for the Fish Hoek.

We trust that your business can back this initiative by buying one or two or more pallets of spekbooms (size of your choice see attached options with prices) -we need business support!

Green Guerrillas is also running a workshop on Saturday 17 December.

For more information on the project click view the resources below:


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