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What We Do

The hospitality industry is a significant contributor to the economy, creating thousands of jobs, both directly and indirectly. By 2032, its contribution to the GDP could be more than R554.6 billion or 7.4% of the total economy. It is expected to create more than 800 000 jobs in the next 10 years, reaching more than 1.9 million by 2032.

This is the industry for which we speak and for which we work tirelessly.

Recognised by Government as the official representative of the hospitality industry in South Africa, we lobby on your behalf regarding legislative issues like visas and immigration, liquor laws, travel restrictions, etc. We do this by conducting face-to-face engagements and entering written submissions.

In this way, we influence policy decisions and drive growth, as we work together to create a favourable operating environment for businesses of all sizes. Recognising that smaller enterprises can struggle to make themselves heard and that their challenges are unique to them, to this end, we engage with leading industry stakeholders.

We also nurture a good relationship with the media and as a result, have had access to a variety of platforms on which to speak, address issues, and make them public. Our profile in the media remains strong.

Our vision is to be at the forefront of not only the South African hospitality industry but also that of the Southern African region.

We look forward to being of service

Cropped portrait of a diverse group businesspeople standing together after a successful discussion in the office.

FEDHASA is South Africa’s recognised national trade association for the hospitality industry, representing all segments of the industry under one banner and with one voice.

We speak for the individual, as well as the collective, while offering expertise and guidance born from a long-standing history and an established track record.

 We do this as follows:

  • as your trusted partner, adding value to your business while serving your interests
  • as your champion, officially representing you at government level
  • as your voice, ensuring what you say is heard
  • as pioneers of change, committed to unlocking our sector’s full potential through advocacy and lobbying

Diversity, equity, and inclusion is at the heart of all we do.

Together we can do more to grow a sustainable industry that boosts our economy, while offering exceptional service and upholding the values of mutual respect and warm hospitality.

Our History

Let’s take a trip back in time…

The year was 1905, and the idea for a national entity for the hospitality industry was born. This did not, however, come to fruition until 44 years later. In October 1949, FEDHASA was established as an umbrella association to represent its members across the sector, lobby government on their behalf, and champion change.

Today, we have the honour of being the oldest association in South Africa, and after many decades of service and with much support, we are proud of the role we have played in shaping the hospitality industry.

Some of our notable milestones include launching the first Hotel Training Scheme for students in 1965, fighting for transformation prior to democracy, and on our 55th anniversary, undertaking a major restructuring to remain current.

In 2004, the then-new government was restructured into local, provincial, and national entities. In keeping with this change, we evolved into FEDHASA Cape, FEDHASA Inland, and FEDHASA East Coast. This reorganisation allowed us to work more closely with provincial governments and increase our impact.

In a significant leap forward, FEDHASA achieved a major milestone by establishing and launching its very own Business Incubator in 2023. The primary objective of this initiative is to provide crucial support, foster development, and nurture the growth of Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs). By doing so, FEDHASA aims to fortify the inclusive agenda for the sector and its esteemed members.

We continue to evolve and do what we do best, grow and safeguard the future of hospitality.

FEDHASA is a proud member of the Tourism Business Council of South Africa.