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Schalk Cilliers

Schalk Cilliers

FEDHASA Inland Chairperson

ATKV – Managing Director

Schalk Cilliers, a BA Hons (Counselling Pschycology) graduate from the University of the Free State and MBA graduate from the North West University, is a dynamic and well organised professional leader who specialized in the Human Resources, Financial and General Management disciplines of an organisation. With more than 40 years experience in Business Development and the set up of new Business opportunities in the Tourism environment the incumbent also have extensive experience in marketing and product building and offerings to the needs of the new tourist.

Schalk Cilliers is a Board Member and current Chairman of the Fedhasa Inland Region, serves on four different management and directorial Boards of the Afrikaanse- Taal en Kultrvereniging (ATKV), two development Boards for the development of lifestyle retirement resorts (Negester Lifestyle Resorts) and a member of the Afrikaanse Handelsinstituut (AHI) Tourism Board. Cilliers is currently the Executive Director Business for the ATKV Cillers philosophy is to empower people to train them to become better family members, better workers and better people to make a difference and a contribution to the society.

337 Surrey Avenue

Tel: 011 919 9024
Fax: 011 919 0206
Cell: 082 900 445
Email: schalkc@atkv.org.za